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First month round-up

As the title clearly suggests, Today marks exactly one month since I first created this blog and published my first post.

For those of you who missed my first post, detailing the reason behind my name it can be found here.

In my second post I continued to introduce the subject that brought me to create this blog- my experience as a Sexual Assault Survivor and my thoughts around the topic. It can be found here.

I also added an off the cusp post detailing my relationship with Make-up and struggle with self-image- predominately to do with Acne; I should be going on Roaccutane in March *fingers crossed*. It can be found here.

This month has largely consisted of me posting a series of poems detailing trauma and experience of mental health. All of these poems were written by myself in November 2017 when I was going through a bad episode of my mental health due to an excessive amount of triggering around that time.If liked any of poems but didn’t see all them you can check the ones you missed out here:


I’m Fine

If Only You Knew

I Wish

The reason for posting material that I had already written is because this month I have been focusing on my assignments for my masters- two of which were due this month. One is complete and the other still in progress.

I’d like thank everyone for all the likes, comments and follows so far and I hope to post more of my story and share more of my experience and poems with you soon.


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Me and Make-up (Huda Beauty Desert Dusk)

Okay, so I didn’t set up this blog to be discussing Make-up, especially since I’ve never really been a make-up person. Most days I don’t wear any but I have always been interested in eyeshadow.

I’ve never really been into make-up because when I was younger I was umable to wear a lot of liquid make-up; including the roll on glitter gel that everyone seemed to wear as a kid. I have ezcema so my skin would react to a lot. I don’t suffer so much now.

Although, my skin became less sensitive as I got older (and particularly after discovering some allergies when I was 15) I gained another skin condition when I was 12: Acne.

Now, I know a lot of people use make-up to cover their acne or just make them feel more beautiful or they just like and see at some kind of art. However, I was not only worried about the make-up making my acne worse and the fact that it was against school rules but I still felt my acne could be seen through the make-up and it didn’t make me feel any better at all. In fact, this made me feel worse. Acne really affected my perception of myself and I was fixated with my skin and often cried about it. It has greatly reduced on antibiotics but I am hopefully going to be put on Roaccutane next year.

So, as I never really wore make-up I only ever bought cheap make-up from high- street shops such as Superdrug. I would find spending £40 for multiple items of make-up expensive. However, since being at university I’ve often seen other people’s make-up looks and wondered why I can’t get mine to look like it- especially in regards to eyeshadow pigmentation so I decided this year to ask for an expensive eyeshadow palette (I picked a few I liked so my family would have an idea of the colours I liked). And as you can probably tell from the title I received the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, which looks amazing.

Untouched Huda Beauty Palette Desert Dusk

Here it is messily placed on my arm…

From bottom left up: Desert Dusk (which kinda blends in to my skin) to Retrograde. From Right bottom up: Cashmere to Blazing

Today I looked up make-up tutorials and attempted a look using the palette. Turns out there are 4 different types of shadows- mattes, pressed pearls, duo chromes and a pressed glitter- each with different ways to apply and use (guess eyeshadow was more complex than I thought e.g. plain versus shiny and just brush it on).

Now I know my blending isn’t great and I totally used the wrong brush as I couldn’t find my eyeshadow brush, but here is my attempt.

Eyes closed
Eyes open – angle 1
Eyes open- angle 2

Let me know what you think and if you like the look I can let you know what shades I used and if I can re-find the tutorial I followed I’ll share it with you.

Have you done any looks using this palette? Any tips? Or favourites?